Will my social media mobility cease to exist when my body expires? I’d like to think not. The question is: What’s the most efficient way to carry on tweeting into the afterlife?

I refuse to leave my passwords to friends and family (if I give them out they’ll prank me and abuse it). Keeping my login details with a notary expert is a bad call, as well as a waste of money. From the grave, I would like my fans to be able to tag me in pictures that will appear on my Pinterest, as if I uploaded them myself. This will mean that I can live on, online, in infamy.

The best way to stay active on social media from beyond the grave is using IFTTT (If This Then That), a site that allows you to create "recipes" for the Internet. Here are some of the recipes that I’ve curated ready for 2060, the year I plan to opt for euthanasia and have mercy on myself.

Celebrity wake-up calls

I plan to keep my phone contracted to Vodafone and always plugged in for power after I lose consciousness. Therefore, this recipe remains relevant:

IFTTT Recipe: If Taylor Swift posts a picture on Instagram, then call my phone. connects instagram to phone-call

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