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How to watch ‘Drunk History’ for free
Brush up with TV's funniest history class.
Netflix’s ‘Unit 42’ soars on the chemistry of its unlikely lead partners
The Belgian cybercrime procedural hits Netflix after debuting in its native country in 2017.
How to watch ‘Good Trouble’ for free
New neighbors, new romances, new challenges.
The best foreign-language TV shows on Netflix
There's a foreign television renaissance happening right now.
Cómo ver FS1 gratis en línea
Si todavía no necesitas mirar en directo el canal FS1, posiblemente pronto lo harás.
Hasan Minhaj explains why your internet sucks in ‘Patriot Act’ episode, puts it on DVD
Minhaj addressed internet access disparities in the latest episode of Netflix's 'Patriot Act.'
The genius way Genius caught Google allegedly stealing lyrics
Genius hid Morse code on its website to catch Google.
Netflix’s ‘Leila’ tells a familiar dystopian horror story
Huma Qureshi stars as a mother desperate to reunite with her daughter.
O.J. Simpson says in Twitter video that he never slept with Kris Jenner
The Juice wants to discuss his past sex life.
‘The Edge of Democracy’ chronicles the downfall of Brazil’s political leaders
The documentary follows the impeachment and imprisonment of two of Brazil's former presidents.
Netflix announces Samurai version of ‘Game of Thrones’
This historically accurate series will look at warring kingdoms in feudal Japan.
How to watch the 2019 MTV Awards for free
A star-studded night celebrating industry fan faves, hosted by Zachary Levi.
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