Bernie Sanders wins Nevada Caucuses
The likely win in Nevada makes it clear Sanders is the early front runner.

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Ready for a Planet of the Apes Dance Party?
Brilliant fan mashup reimagines the classic Planet of the Apes as an epic dance party
Bronies build a magical place of their own
Creator Lauren Faust has reason to be impressed with My Little Pony's fandom. Her unlikely multitude of teenage and adult fans have taken over the internet in a big way.
Soap opera fan fight
Fans upset by All My Children's demise take to Twitter.
Colbert takes over major league Twitter
Comedian Steven Colbert tweets more than box scores for MLB
Zac Gorman’s video-game dreams
Growing up in Michigan, an artist learned the power of sharing his work online early.
Beluga video: Whales are the new cats
Cute animals rule YouTube—and now cetaceans are getting a turn.
Is the Internet ready for a younger Rebecca Black?
Nine year old Madison Bray is growing an audience for her "Girl Swag"
How YouTube proved it’s a real community
At VidCon, an online-video conference held in LA last weekend, YouTubers showed how they're connected.
Redditors fight to keep old online games alive
Redditors swarming disused online multiplayer games, bringing them back to life for an evening of fun.
The MST3K’ification of Jaws!
Live audience participation gives old movies new life
Dot Dot Dot: The problem with girl problems
Swagger? I hardly know her. The manufactured self-presentation of young women online distracts from the real issues women face.
Songify this: An interview with the Gregory Brothers
The Gregory Brothers have struck YouTube gold once more.
The Durantula stays on top of Twitter
The NBA's Kevin Durant finds himself trending on Twitter, again
A social-film experiment gets creepier
Hollywood's social-media film experiment, "Inside," continues and grows ever more disturbing. But is the Internet buying it?
YouTuber claims top 100 spot, celebrates
Whiteboy7thst begins his “TOP 100!!!!” video with a welcoming “Ladies, gentlemen, come on in. You’re looking fantastic this evening if I do say so myself.”
Redditors put the squeeze on CNN’s Lemon
A popular CNN anchorman, Don Lemon answers questions for hundreds of redditors
The cat video to end all cat videos
YouTube comedian-singer Mike Polk, Jr. sends up the cute-kittens-playing genre.
NBA player’s pick-up game starts Twitter trend
Kevin Durant plays a pick-up game in Harlem's Rucker Park