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Redditor turns rockstar for a day
Internet collaboration teams Pennsylvania high-schooler with Florida musician.
Vacation video might win you ten grand
Lonely Planet asks vacationers to "Share Your Adventure" on YouTube for a chance to win big bucks. 
Bachmann’s Newsweek cover spawns fan art
We comb through our favorte Bachmann fan art.
Lady Gaga disappoints grieving mother
Lady Gaga promised to call the mom of a fan who killed himself but has not done so. Yet.
Stop motion is a coin toss
Redditors debate (as they do) whether a presumed stop-motion video on YouTube really is done with stop-motion or other tricks.
Dot Dot Dot: Technology’s a riot
What really lit up Britain?
I now pronounce you Bert and Ernie
TV's longest-running bachelor roommates won't be walking the aisle anytime soon, say Sesame Street producers.
Escaping modern life through a song
A charming ode to Dungeons & Dragons, the role-playing game, surfaces from YouTube's guitar-strumming crowd.
“Friday” chanteuse steals Teen Choice Award
Rebecca Black's Teen Choice award may have little if anything to do with the choices of teens
Where did the music go?
Satellite radio provider SiriusXM pulls popular British music station and the fans are none too pleased.
Homeless poet given voice — or at least a video
When a redditor meets a homeless poet on the beach, he brings a camera and films the guy.
Johnny Carson channel debuts six years after his death
Whether you miss Johnny Carson or just want to know who he is, now you can watch his shows on YouTube.
Filmmaker falls for Tumblr
After becoming an overnight star thanks to Tumblr, filmmaker Rick Mereki figured there was something to social media after all.
We plank, therefore we shoe
A YouTube personality is trying to make shoeing the next big thing—and his meme scheme may just work.
More than a game: Dry Humping on YouTube
A favorite nerd game of the '80s, Choose Your Own Adventure, gets an R-rated reboot on YouTube.
Blink 182 blesses fan remixed videos
“Up All Night Fan Montage” is comprised of all the videos on YouTube that use Blink 182’s music illegally.
The saddest, most beautiful songs in the world
Redditors chime in on the question, “What is the most beautiful and yet saddest song you know?”
Jersey Shore returns, fans rejoice
MTV's highest ever rated premiere prompts massive Twitter reaction.