My Chemical Romance may have predicted Chilean uprising back in 2011

The internet is full of unexplainable coincidences and conspiracies. Twitter found yet another one linking rock band My Chemical Romance to the current political state in Chile.

Twitter users dredged up an old tweet from My Chemical Romance that may have predicted the violent protests currently taking place in Chile.

“Hola Chile! Te amamos! Stay safe in 2019,” My Chemical Romance tweeted back in 2011.

The tweet resurfaced recently and has been making its rounds on the platform. “Did my chemical romance predict Chile’s current political state 8 years ago…? bitch wtf,” Twitter user @meechie_I wrote on Nov. 3.

Under the My Chemical Romance’s 2011 tweet, users are expressing their shock over the correct prediction.

Chileans began rioting against the government in October of 2019 in response to a hike in metro costs. Even though the rate hikes catalyzed the movement, the protesters are rioting the overall economic gap, such as unequal access to education and healthcare, that exists in Chile, according to Vice.

The protests continued even after Chile’s billionaire President Sebastián Piñera revoked the rate hikes.


Libby Cohen

Libby Cohen

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