Excuse us while we stare at these pictures of a young Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau was hot back in the day.

Photos via SarahLeckwatch/Twitter

Move over, young Joe Biden.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the woke bae of the internet’s dreams—he cares about refugees, he’s a champion of gender equality, and he can make fun of President Donald Trump like the rest of ’em. But as it turns out, the butt that has even caught Ivanka Trump’s eye was just the tip of the hot PM iceberg.

By the grace of the kind Goddess smiling upon us, the internet has blessedly stumbled upon photos of the prime minister in his, well, prime. Pics of young Trudeau are sweeping Twitter for the sole reason that young Trudeau (much like present-day Trudeau) was matter-of-factly hot.

Wow—just look at him.

He could have quit his day job to pursue modeling and still somehow manage to hold the title of woke bae, no lie.

Sorry, what? That’s not a Patagonia advertisement? Just a picture of a very steamy young Justin Trudeau? Ok, please continue.

Ignore us if you want, Justin! Young Trudeau could literally do no wrong in our eyes. 

Move over, young Joe Biden. There’s a new, younger, arguably hotter sheriff in wokesville.

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Samantha Grasso

Samantha Grasso

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