Justin Trudeau’s shade of Donald Trump’s handshake is already legendary

Although it is always news when a president meets with a visiting foreign dignitary for the first time, President Donald Trump’s initial official visits with other leaders have garnered a great deal of coverage. 

Perhaps it is because everyone is cautiously concerned about how our unpredictable new president will handle these delicate meetings. But also perhaps it is because these are so ripe for potential memes. 

In his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinz? Abe, Trump’s greeting went on … how do you say … a little too long.

Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to Washington, and all eyes were on the internet’s favorite slay keyng/relationship goals/my boyfriend head of state to see how he would handle Trump. 

He did not disappoint. 

While it was just a candid snap that doesn’t accurately represent anything, the internet was quick to ignore that and assume Trudeau had just dropped a major shade bomb on the U.S. president. 

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The duo did eventually shake handsH/T BuzzFeed

David Covucci

David Covucci

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