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This ‘you changed, bro’ meme can tell your detractors to step off

I’ve seen some stuff.


Stacey Ritzen

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As human beings, we go through pivotal moments in our life that irrevocably change us—for better or worse. Maybe it was a breakup, death, or move to a new city, or even an exceptionally poignant book, movie, or album. In either case, it’s these moments that help shape us, and make us who we are. And it also happens to be the subject of a new “you changed, bro” meme circulating on Twitter.

The general format of the meme is that a person tweets “you changed,” as if someone else is pointing out the fact, followed by the person ostensibly responding “bro,” and then citing the reason for that change.

As you can see in some of the serious and facetious examples below, “you changed” could pertain to anything from crying to Frank Ocean or the Nickelodeon series Victorious never getting a season finale, to a “spiritual awakening” or death of rapper Mac Miller.

you changed bro
you changed bro awakening
mac miller

Of course, it goes without saying that few of us will escape 2020 unscathed. The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantining and social distancing has broken even the best of us. And never mind this mess of a presidential election we’ve got coming up.

As such, others used the “you changed, bro” meme to not having been to the movies for six months or missing out on a concert before concerts were, well, no longer a thing.

you changed bro movie theater
you changed bro cinema
harry styles

Yet even others got creative with it. One user took it extremely literal, referring to changing his outfit. Another evoked the popular “Kitty Cat Dance” song on YouTube (which currently has over 17.3 million views).

you've changed bro outfit
you changed bro kitty cat

Welp! Good luck unhearing that! “You changed.” “Bro, I heard the kitty cat dance dance dance song and now it lives permanently rent-free in my head.” Don’t say you haven’t been warned, it might just change you forever!


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