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People wanted to know where Bran went during ‘Game of Thrones’ epic battle

Where exactly did Bran 'go' last night?

Jan 27, 2021, 7:30 pm*

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Nahila Bonfiglio

If you were among those participating in the Daily Dot’s Game of Thrones drinking game last night, we apologize for the hangover.

A number of beloved characters were lost in The Long Night. Dragons battled in the skies over the Stark stronghold, the Night King made his final push and finally, we saw an end to the great war. Through all the nail-biting moments, people managed to find plenty of meme-worthy material.

A lot of people had something to say about Bran’s ‘contribution’ to the battle.


Episode 3: Bran from GameOfThronesMemes

Do be like that sometimes from GameOfThronesMemes

Everyone wanted to know exactly where the Three-Eyed Raven decided to fly off to in the middle of the battle to end all battles.

No one could stop talking about the apex-levels of chick-power the episode was drenched in, either.

Winterfell’s last line of defense from GameOfThronesMemes

Even Lady Melisandre got some love, for her continuous assistance in the flame department.


And have I got a surprise for you! Look under your chairs! from GameOfThronesMemes

it was a pretty dark episode if u get me from GameOfThronesMemes


Mostly, people couldn’t get over Arya‘s epic final takedown. We don’t blame them, neither can we.

Arya with that lightfoot from GameOfThronesMemes

One thing’s for sure—we won’t be able to stop talking about this episode for a long time to come.


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*First Published: Apr 29, 2019, 8:57 am