woman speaking with cat next to her and caption 'they literally sent a check to a cat' (l) Walgreens building with sign (c) Walgreens check for GANDALF-CAT and caption 'here's the check in question' (r)

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‘They sent the check to Gandalf, not to me’: Walgreens sends reimbursement check addressed to customer’s cat

'Technically because the cat is dependent of you, you just need consent to cash it.'


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

Posted on Jan 13, 2023

A TikToker recently went viral after finding themselves in a peculiar situation.

According to TikTok user Kat (@indooroutdoorkat), she had gone to Walgreens to pick up prescription eye drops for her cat, Gandalf. Unfortunately, the store overcharged her for the drops, resulting in Walgreens sending a check to make up the difference.

The only problem? They sent the check in the name of the cat.

“They literally sent a check to a cat,” Kat says.

In the video, Kat reveals the check, which identifies the recipient as “GANDALF-CAT FOLEY.” The check is for $15.51. Kat’s video currently has over 3.7 million views. 

@indooroutdoorkat This is beyond me, please advise needed #gandalfthecat #helpme #catmom #petlife #fail #fyp ♬ original sound – Kat Newquist•IndoorOutdoorKat

At first, many users had — largely humorous — ideas about what Kat could do with the check.

“Frame it and hang it above his favorite napping spot,” a user advised.

“Bring the cat to the bank,” a second suggested.

“She needs a bank account now so she can cash that,” a third wrote.

However, there were also some serious suggestions.

“Think you can endorse the check to Gandalf and then write ‘pay to the order of’ and your signature under it and deposit it,” a commenter claimed.

Another user noted that, while this is possible, Kat technically needs Gandalf’s permission before she can do that. In a follow-up video, Kat jokingly attempts to receive permission from the cat to cash the check.

@indooroutdoorkat Replying to @lil._.wolfie.420 THAT WAS SO AMBIGUOUS?!? HELP?! #gandalfthecat #catmom #fyp #catsoftiktok #walgreensgate ♬ original sound – Kat Newquist•IndoorOutdoorKat

In short, the cat responded by meowing.

It is unclear whether this means ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but TikTokers had theories.

“Gandalf said cash it and buy me treats with it,” wrote a commenter.

“Banker here – I saw yes,” offered an additional TikToker.

“That was yes and I heard bring home toy mice and treats please,” echoed another user.

We’ve reached out to Walgreens and Kat via email.

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*First Published: Jan 13, 2023, 7:36 am CST