Mocking Spongebob meme

Meme History: Mocking Spongebob

The internet loves using children’s cartoons to mock one another.

On by Kyle Calise

Nissan sign(l), NIssan steering wheel(c), Taco Bell Hot sauce packets(r)

‘Anyone else use these for Taco Bell hot sauce packets?’: Driver calls out Nissan Armada for this strange feature

‘Wish my car had that.’

On by Braden Bjella

Bad Luck Brian meme

Meme History: Bad Luck Brian

What began as a self-deprecating way to make people laugh…has continued to be a deprecating way to make people laugh.

On by Kyle Calise

Woman plays elaborate car crash sounds to prank phone scammers

Woman pranks phone scammer by playing elaborate car crash sounds: ‘Sounds like a whole Michael Bay action sequence’

‘The longest car crash in history.’

On by Audra Schroeder

dick bigger

The 2024 election’s first internet star has quite the name

The new Ken Bone.

On by Marlon Ettinger

woman speaking with cat next to her and caption 'they literally sent a check to a cat' (l) Walgreens building with sign (c) Walgreens check for GANDALF-CAT and caption 'here's the check in question' (r)

‘They sent the check to Gandalf, not to me’: Walgreens sends reimbursement check addressed to customer’s cat

‘Technically because the cat is dependent of you, you just need consent to cash it.’

On by Braden Bjella

A man holding a can of soup.

People are thirsting for this Daunte Wright protester who brought soup to a demonstration

It was a literal wink to Trump’s claim about anti-police protesters.

On by Michelle Brandabur

little caesars robber struggles to open register

Little Caesars cashiers roast robber who struggles to open the cash register

‘That’s all you’re gonna take?’

On by Brianna Holt


Twitter drags life coach wanting to ‘restore’ the patriarchy

According to Noah Revoy, women malfunction without it.

On by Siobhan Ball

insult someone politely bless your heart

People are talking about their favorite ways to insult someone politely

The Twitter hashtag is all about plausible deniability shade.

On by Siobhan Ball

Square app Twitter fight fart sandwich

The Square app’s Twitter account is sparring with somebody named Fart Sandwich

What an explosive argument.

On by Josh Katzowitz

snapchat hot dog meme

The internet is really relishing these Snapchat hot dog memes

It’s Snapchat’s best new feature this year.

On by Jay Hathaway

shower thoughts

The best of Reddit’s Shower Thoughts, illustrated

We gave some of Reddit’s funniest insights the comic illustrations they deserve.

On by Jay Hathaway

Meet the Internet: Reddit

Imagine if everyone on Reddit was just this one dude

‘I use multiple browsers, so that helps.’

On by Matt Silverman, chris boylan

Homepage article image

This lens flare looks just like Cartman from ‘South Park’

This comparison photo is uncanny.

On by Phillip Tracy

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