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In a committed relationship? This meme says you’re still ‘single to me’

No one is safe.


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Single people on Twitter have always been the butt of jokes. But now, not even a relationship can save you from the scorn of single memes.

The new “ur single to me” meme is attacking almost anyone who is dating. Does your partner have an Android, or are they an 18th-century Englishman? If the answer to either is yes, people on Twitter are saying that actually, you’re still single.

The meme uses a basic formula, usually starting with “if you’re dating…” then describing a specific type of person and saying “ur single to me.” This is followed by “what are they going to do?” and a justification, which can sometimes be offensive or rely on stereotypes.

According to Know Your Meme, the “ur single to me” meme started in March with a tweet by @Arealstarboy that went: “If your boyfriend white… you single to me… wtf Tyler gone do🤔😭💪🏾.” The tweet gained 6,000 retweets and 44,000 likes.

Many “ur single to me” memes focus the race or ethnicity of people’s partners.


One of the most popular tweets featuring the meme also ties in conversations about the perpetrators of mass shootings.

“If you got a white boyfriend, you single to me. what’s Bryce gonna do?” user @MamoudouNDiaye wrote. “Get tight, watch the Joker movie, radicalize himself online, and open fire on a- you know what, have a good day miss.” The tweet received almost 50,000 likes.


Other viral renditions are looking backward for more historical roasts.

“If you’re dating an avant-garde artist from the 20th century you’re single to me, what the fuck are they gonna do? write a manifesto?” @dadaphone joked.


And of course, some tweets roped in other memes to try to get laughs.

If you’re dating a baby shark, you’re single to me,” @fightmenn tweeted. “[What the fuck] he gonna do do doo do doo do do.”


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