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This definitive rating of turtle emoji is extremely strong

Which turts are very good? Which are not our friends?


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

One of the quirks of emoji is that a bunch of tech companies have their own designs, so any beloved icon can look radically different on another operating system (Apple’s squirt pistol emoji is perhaps the best-known example). That means there are about a dozen distinct turtle emoji out there. Fortunately, someone on Tumblr has created a definitive list of turtle ratings, so you know which turts to be friends with and which are ugly trash.

Poison-liker’s “official ranking of every turtle emoji on emojipedia” is funny and it is honest. It is an eye-opening spiritual journey at the end of which you will accept the truth about little cartoon turtles. It has more than 30,000 notes in less than a day and is also starting to blow up on Twitter.

If “has good turtle emoji” is part of the criteria for your next phone purchase, take note: Google’s turtle is perfect and has a beautiful smile, while Apple’s is a lowly blob. Let us never speak of Samsung’s turtle again.

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