25 memes that scream TGIF

Fridays. The day we look forward to, a signal that the work week is over and it’s finally time to rest and/or ruin our lives with debaucherous fun. Well, until Monday rolls around and we hate our lives once again. So in honor of Fridays, we’ve compiled a list of the best Friday memes related to the day. From memes that perfectly capture what it’s like to stay in on a Friday night to ones that reference movies centered around Fridays (yes, one of the films you’re thinking of is on this list), this list is for those of us who love Fridays and all it stands for. TGIF.

The best Friday memes

1. When you ready for a fun Friday night with the squad but they forget to pick you up

friday memes Screengrab via memes_stream_internet/Instagram

2. When your friend calls and asks if you wanna go out Friday night but you say you have plans

friday meme Screengrab via Grape Juice Boys/Instagram

3. When the scheduled forecast for your Friday is going according to plan

friday memes Screengrab via Dank Meme University

4. When you only acknowledge Yeezus Christ on “Good Friday”

friday meme Image via Memes.com

5. When the Flashback Friday goes way back

happy friday meme Image via Cyanide and Happiness/YouTube

6. When you tell yourself you’re gonna get work done Friday night but deep down you know you lying

friday memes Screengrab via Lab Bible/Instagram

7. When you took that edible and now you feeling like Big Bird at the Friday afternoon meeting

friday memes Image via Imgur

8. When all your friends are making Friday plans but you work weekends

friday memes Screengrab via nochill/Instagram

9. When you and your mother switch bodies on a Friday

friday memes Screengrab via Moviefone/Facebook

10. When you serving all the looks on Friday but Monday is a different story

friday memes Image via Imgflip

11. When you trying to stay focused but it’s Friday

friday memes Screengrab via trendingtom/Instagram

12. When TGIF won’t let you in for endless apps because you smell too dank

friday memes Screengrab via ExploreTalent/Facebook


13. When you get a little too casual on casual Fridays

casual friday meme Screengrab via The Office Picts/Twitter

14. When it’s Friday and your boss has the nerve to ask you to come in on Saturday

it's friday meme Screengrab via Funniest Jokes/Facebook

15. When you think it’s Friday but it’s actually not even close to Friday

friday memes Image via Broad City/Imgur

16. When it’s Friday and that direct deposit just hit, too

friday memes Screengrab via CammJay

17. When it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do

it's friday meme Screengrab via Friday/YouTube

18. When it’s “finally a Friday”

friday memes Image via Jojo's Bizzare Adventure/Tumblr

19. When it’s Friday the 13th and you ready to wreak havoc on anyone that crosses your path

friday meme Screengrab via FreddyAmazin/Twitter

20. When that morning alarm hits but it’s Friday

friday memes Screengrab via Instagram

21. When someone says they going Black Friday shopping but they owe you $5

friday memes Screegrab via Daquan/Instagram

22. When you and your lizard BFF meet up for Friday drinks

friday memes Screengrab via axmcc/Twitter

23. When bae wants to go out but you had other Friday night plans

friday memes Image via Buzzfeed Video/Instagram

24. When you rolling out of work with beers in both hands

friday memes Screengrab via Instagram

25. When it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson is an internet culture and entertainment reporter. His work has been published by the Daily Beast, Vice, Complex, Bustle, Uproxx, and Okayplayer.