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Reddit explodes after Trump posts pregame debate message

‘The Corrupt Clintons are doing everything they can to stop us.’


Aaron Sankin

Internet Culture

In the minutes immediately preceding the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 general election, Republican nominee Donald Trump stopped by Reddit‘s community for Trump fandom.

Trump, or one of his campaign staffers using his official Reddit account, left the following message:

My Deplorables — This is it. The FINAL DEBATE.

The Corrupt Clintons are doing everything they can to stop us.

They are committing voter fraud, the rigged media is ignoring the facts, and they are telling lie after lie.

It shouldn’t be a surprise with these people. I am going to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Loopholes are going to be closed. Term limits are going to be in place. Lobbyists are going to be stopped.

AND people like Crooked Hillary Clinton will no longer get rich off the backs of the hard working Americans that built this country.

We will WIN. We will MAGA.

Watch tonight on my Facebook page —

We are streaming it live with pre and post debate coverage. The media won’t cover the truth, so we are going DIRECT to the American people!

Watch, comment, and share the truth w/ #BigLeagueTruth.

If you want, you can contribute at

The post, which spoke the language of r/the_donald with an easy fluency, unsurprisingly sparked a rapturous torrent of adulation from the subreddit’s denizens.

How exited were they? They were this excited:

So, yep, that’s what’s happening on Reddit right now. 

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