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Trump calling coronavirus a ‘brilliant enemy’ becomes a TikTok sensation

What is he saying?


Allyson Waller

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President Donald Trump is getting the TikTok treatment, as an audio clip in which he expounds on the complexity of the coronavirus has become a running joke across the app. 

The clip comes from one of many Trump’s daily briefings on the coronavirus. So far, the audio has been used in over 250 TikTok videos. 

During an early April press briefing, Trump responded to a question about making coronavirus tests a priority for food processing plants, according to the Verge. Trump touched on a recent case just outside of Denver, where employees requested the closure of a meat-packing facility due to the second coronavirus-related death of a co-worker, the Denver Post reports.


“This is a very brilliant enemy,” Trump said during the briefing. “They develop drugs like the antibiotics. Antibiotics used to solve every problem, and now one of the biggest problems the world has is, the germ has gotten so brilliant that the antibiotic can’t keep up with it.” 

Antibiotics only treat bacteria-causing infections and “do not work on viruses,” according to the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

As Trump continued to respond to the question regarding food proessing plants, his explanation on the strength of the virus became even murkier. 

“They’re constantly trying to come up with a new… People go to a hospital and they catch… they go for a heart operation, that’s no problem, but they end up dying from…. from problems, you know the problems I’m talking about,” Trump said. “There’s a whole genius to it, we’re fighting, not only is it hidden but it’s very smart. And you see that in a case like Denver.”

Trump is most likely talking about MRSA and staph infections.

But healthcare workers on TikTok expressed their confusion over Trump’s remarks, with some poking fun at the statement’s ambiguity. 


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The U.S. now leads the world in coronavirus cases.


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