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What’s going on with TikTok witches and a moon hex?

Drama around a moon hex has divided WitchTok.


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Posted on Jul 20, 2020

Is the moon OK? 

If you scrolled Twitter this weekend, you might have happened upon some drama involving the hexing of the moon. Yes, that moon.

TikTok witches were allegedly to blame. According to Twitter user @heyyadoraa, these witches were more inexperienced or misguided, and allegedly also hexed the Fae, better known as faeries.

Hexing the moon or the Fae is considered bad form, and heyyadoraa came back later with some “new info” about who might have been involved, pointing to posts on a witchcraft Discord.

Elsewhere, a post on the witchcraft subreddit claimed the hex originated with a “small coven of 4 ‘baby witches’ that are just trying to ‘prove a point’ (which point? idk).” But their identities weren’t revealed. The poster added: “The moon wasn’t really affected by the hex (obviously) but it did anger some deities, so they will get what they deserve I guess.” 

This is certainly jarring to read (on the anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, no less) but heyyadoraa added that “not all witches on tiktok are like this.” Indeed, a vocal majority of WitchTok pushed back against the alleged hex. User chaoticwitchaunt posted a video lamenting the fate of the hexers, but then followed up, saying she was sorry for not helping alleviate the “hysteria” around it.  


i am Exhaust!!!! Do i put too much responsibility on myself and feel like this is my fault? yes and that’s on shadow work

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Other witches offered proof that the hex had ripple effects on recent offerings to gods like Apollo and Artemis, who are tied to the sun and moon, respectively. But hexing the moon, according to elder witch ravenmunin0, is “not a thing.” That was confirmed by fellow elder thatonebluntwitch, who added that it might have instead summoned “legions” of demons.  

She tells the Daily Dot that, in her experience, baby witches “are very willing to learn and ask for sources on where to begin and truly learn the history of witchcraft. But, as it can be for all groups, there are also those who want to take the fast track.” That includes beginners “who immediately want to work with deities and other entities.”

There is a code of ethics in witchcraft. Her advice to those looking to hex or curse: “Do not cast any spell that you do not know how to reverse and do not summon anything you do not know how to banish.”

But more than the “who,” this situation lacks a “why.” And that, of course, led to jokes—as well as some opinions on the moon’s power and clout.


In addition to being bad practice, hexing the moon (and possibly the sun?) seems like a waste when there are so many other places to direct that energy right now. To paraphrase Mr. Show’s “Blow Up the Moon” sketch: We’re earthlings! Let’s hex earth things!   


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*First Published: Jul 20, 2020, 2:08 pm CDT