#ThankYouTrump starts sincerely enough, then gets downright salty


#ThankYouTrump this week has done a top-notch job of rallying the troops on both sides of the Donald Trump support spectrum.

Less than a week in office, and the president has managed to accomplish a lot. He’s signed executive orders to commence with oil pipelines, moved swiftly with plans to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and curbed the social media use of government agencies.

Naturally, Trump supporters have taken to social media to eulogize his actions, birthing #ThankYouTrump as a way to appreciate their No. 1 guy. 

And though the hashtag came about as a platform of praise, it quickly became a pit of sarcasm and belittlement from those critical of his policies, credibility, and overall presidency.

Some of the causes Twitter thanked Trump for: Making Saturday Night Live “great again,” “reintroducing classic literature like 1984,” “caring about popular votes and crowd sizes more than American people,” and “bringing out Nazis out of the woodwork for us to punch in the face.” 

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But really, we should just be thanking Twitter for all it gives us. Especially this: 

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Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi is a multimedia content producer. Her work has been published at the Austin American-Statesman and Viceland. An Arab-American raised in Dubai, she is based in Austin, Texas.