Target checkout with caption 'if you see mirrors like this in a Target they are watching you' (l) hand on electronic lock handle (c) shoppers at checkout as seen from above (r)


‘They really do be watching us from above’: TikToker shows ‘secret’ room workers allegedly use to watch customers

‘So I’m not crazy. I’m always feeling like someone dead staring at me not scanning my items.’


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

A user on TikTok went viral after allegedly revealing a secret room in a Target location where employees can see customers.

The video, posted by user Santi (@santi._s), begins by showing a row of mirrors lining the ceiling of a Target location. From there, the video cuts to show Santi allegedly entering the backrooms of the Target and climbing some stairs before revealing that the mirrors are actually two-way mirrors, allegedly allowing employees to view customers from above.

@santi._s They really do be watching us from above 😳 @kailah_rivera #fyp #target #secret #shopping ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

“If you see mirrors like this in a Target they are watching you,” the text overlaying the video reads.

“They really do be watching us from above,” Santi added in the caption, even though (as many commenters observed) no one from Target is observing customers in the video.

In the comments section, viewers expressed a range of emotions about the alleged discovery.

“I’d love to just sit up there for hours,” a TikToker shared.

“Noooo way I thought it was a mirror you could just look at yourself with,” a second wrote.

“So I’m not crazy,” another TikToker said. “I’m always feeling like someone dead staring at me not scanning my items.”

Users began offering theories about what this space might be used for.

“They’re watching the employees,” one user alleged.

Others offered an alternate explanation, saying that the windows are a way for employees to catch potential shoplifters.

However, the most convincing explanation is that these spaces were simply offices, with the mirrors adding a little more visual space and light to the area.

“Those are manager offices and there’s hardly anyone in them during store hours,” a commenter claimed.

“It’s not a security tower lmao, it’s an office,” another agreed.

Some users said the stores where they are employed have similar installations.

“They also did this at the cvs I worked at,” a user claimed.

“Same at CVS,” another agreed.

“They have this at some grocery stores too,” a third added.

“I’m pretty sure all big-sized stores have this,” a fourth claimed. “Grocery stores do too — it’s where all the offices/break rooms are.”

Santi did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment. We’ve reached out to Target via email.

Update 8:26am CT, May 5: In an email to Daily Dot, a Target spokesperson stated the following: “In the early 1990s, a small number of Target stores were built with second-floor offices that overlooked the salesfloor. The design was common in the industry at that time, and in the handful of Target stores where these offices remain, they’re used for administrative purposes and storage, not security.”

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