OnlyFans creator standing outside of her new home


People are making fun of an OnlyFans creator after she buys her ‘dream house’ at 22

‘Say whatcha want about OnlyFans, but I just moved into my dream house at 22.’


Ginny Woo

Internet Culture

While we move into yet another week of the coronavirus lockdown that’s gripping the globe, we’re experiencing a renaissance of content on platforms like TikTok and Twitter. This time, it’s the “say watcha want about OnlyFans” meme that’s making the rounds.

Everyone’s buzzing about the hustle after Twitter user Sarvani posted about her job as an OnlyFans content creator and how it managed to get her a dream home.

While her account is now private, the “say watcha want about OnlyFans” meme took on a life of its own. Other Twitter users are now parodying Sarvani by tweeting out a range of iconic locations as their “dream homes,” including the beloved Groverhaus.

Some Twitter users were clearly nostalgic for their youth, as evidenced by tweets calling landmarks like the Blue’s Clues house and the Simpsons‘ place “dream homes.”

While OnlyFans has been in the internet’s vernacular for some time now, the lockdowns have almost definitely affected the online NSFW content market, which the provider is a huge part of.

Online-based content subscription services remain ever on the rise during a time when consumers are stuck at home. We’re even seeing paid “hookup sites” offer free hosting services for those who want to broadcast special events like weddings, and we can likely expect to see more of this the longer that isolation measures continue.


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