People are obsessed with the savage comeback that ended this academic beef

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The adorable video of a father talking to his baby son took a turn after two linguistics got into a tiff regarding “baby talk.”

The tiff was between Karla Holloway and Carina Hilbert, both of whom tried to assert their linguistic knowledge onto whether the baby would develop greater speech comprehension patterns as a result of the baby’s father speaking to him like an adult.

To sum it up, Professor Holloway, who has a doctorate degree, claims speaking to a baby like an adult is good for speech, while Hilbert, who has her master’s degree, claims baby talk is good for babies.

“Yeah, my master’s in second language acquisition from USC with Krashen-trained profs is worthless,” Hilbert wrote.

That’s the moment that set Holloway up for the ultimate comeback.

“Sorry to hear that,” Holloway replied.

Twitter was shook. Shook.

Holloway’s reply, alone, racked up more than 16,000 likes–and ascended her to legend status.

Screenshots posted by @dreamgirlphae called out Hilbert, who is a white woman with a lesser degree, for thinking that she was smarter than a Black woman with the highest level of an academic degree.

“Today in white women think they’re smarter than everybody. Niece literally tried to match a Ph.D….with her masters. Goodnight.”

But Holloway hit back at those who thought this was a racial incident, rather, stating it was just two educated women differing on the science of language acquisition.

“People, this is not about race …. I’m old enough (older than all y’all I suspect) to recognize bias,” she reiterated.

Luckily, both women are taking the incident in stride, with Hilbert commenting Holloway on her classic comeback, and Holloway calling Hilbert her “new twitter friend.”

Finally, Twitter beef that ended peacefully–or without anyone losing their job.


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Dominic-Madori Davis

Dominic-Madori Davis

Dominic-Madori Davis is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California. She covers the internet, politics, and social issues.