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‘They didn’t let me say goodbye’: Teacher says she got fired for ‘pushing back’ against school administration, sparking outrage

'They have lost one of the greatest teachers.'

On Nov 7, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

Glenn Youngkin with papers blowing around

EXCLUSIVE: Concentration camps for maskless kids, Nazi unions, and pervert tutors: Parents lost their mind in Glenn Youngkin’s teacher tipline

Youngkin refused to comment on the emails sent to his tipline.

On Nov 3, 2022 by Louise Macaraniag

Woman speaking hand on chest (l) 'Banned Books Week' display in school library caption 'Thank you for standing up for what is right! Can we see the display??' (c) woman speaking hand on chest (r)

‘I am not upset. I’m enraged’: Administration asked school librarian to take down banned books display after one parent complained

'I serve over 700 students, not one student alone.'

On Aug 20, 2022 by Braden Bjella

woman in classroom with clipboard and caption 'Tennessee teachers you know why I'm in my classroom on a Saturday'

‘The teacher has to catalog every single book’: Teacher says students can’t read any of her books until they’re screened for ‘age appropriateness’

'The kids in here are asking me, 'can I go get a book and read?' and I have to say 'no you can't.''

On Aug 15, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

empty classroom with desks (l) empty classroom cart shelf and filing cabinet (c) empty classroom teacher half moon table and whiteboard (r)

‘How much of my own money am I expected to spend?’: Teacher’s video of empty Kindergarten classroom sparks discussion of teacher pay, room furnishing responsibility

Teachers will spend an average of $500 to furnish their classrooms, according to the NEA.

On Aug 7, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

man speaking outside (l) medical pills on top of each other yellow white blue (c) man hand on collar bone looking left shocked expression speaking (r)

‘It’s not their kid to give a prescription to’: Father says son’s high school prescribed him anti-depressants without notifying him, sparking debate

'This will help a lot of kids whose families don’t believe in kids being depressed.'

On Jul 3, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

woman hand on side of face speaking on couch (l) stressed woman on floor holding empty wallet over papers on floor (c) woman speaking on couch hand on side of face (r)

‘Another reason why I got a second job’: Teacher opens up about disappointing pay after getting her master’s degree

'All of that time and stress for, like, nothing.'

On Jun 25, 2022 by Braden Bjella

man in white jacket with caption 'Asking med students how much debt they're taking out' (l) woman grimacing with caption 'Salomon: $150,000 Yolanda: $150,000 Gnyata: $300,000' (c) woman holding tablet with caption 'Tanya $400,000' (r)

‘How are y’all so casual about it’: Med student shows how much debt each friend is graduating with, sparking debate

'Y’all don’t be feeling too bad for them.'

On May 13, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

man joking and smiling

‘The things she put me threw haunt me still’: TikToker says his 23-year-old teacher sexually assaulted him when he was 16

He says she snuck into his bedroom window every night for months.

On May 2, 2022 by Lauren Castro

Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper

CEO Matt Cooper on how creators can thrive on Skillshare

'If people aren’t making fun of you behind your back, you haven’t said enough.'

On Mar 10, 2022 by Grace Stanley

cheaters beware

‘Maybe redevelop the education system’: Anti-cheating software featured in Samsung showcase sparks debate on TikTok

'We spend more money trying to prevent cheating than we do trying to improve our school system.'

On Jan 16, 2022 by Dana Ysabel Dela Cruz

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‘I hope their parents sue like hell’: Bus driver allegedly slams brakes to punish students, leaving them with concussions and more

The students banded together to collect videos about what went down.

On Nov 23, 2021 by Stacy Fernandez

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Woman’s ‘Not a vaccine hoochie, not a vaccine slut’ TikTok song goes viral, draws criticism, doesn’t really rhyme

'[I]f you’re gonna do a thing, *do* the thing.'

On Jun 2, 2021 by Brooke Sjoberg

Joe Limer performing a poem.

Middle school teacher says school suspended her for teaching explicit poem about Asian American racism in Hollywood

A parent complained about the assignment on Facebook five weeks later.

On Apr 29, 2021 by Rachel Kiley

kindergarten teacher virtual field trip zoo tiktok video

Kindergarten teacher brings students on a virtual field trip to the zoo—it’s absolutely adorable

'Look at that, friends. You learn something every day.'

On Mar 22, 2021 by Phil West