The ‘flat stomach’ meme has morphed into the ‘pregnant mom’ meme

Twitter’s new favorite meme was borne—pun intended—of another recently beloved meme.

The flat stomach meme began circulating on Twitter sometime last week. Twitter user @itsJWolfe posted a less-than-anatomically-accurate ASCII attempt to create the side profile of a human body—with a marginal degree of success. His point, however, was very clear. Sure, a flat stomach sounds great, but so do bread, cheese, and french fries.

The delicious tweet from @itsJWolfe quickly sparked a trend. Within no time, the flat stomach meme morphed from a self-deprecating joke about self-control to a goofy joke about pregnancy. The evolution of a meme is a beautiful thing to behold.

A few people even pointed out the anatomical issues with the side-profile.

Within no time, the pregnancy memes were going strong. The shift from food belly to pregnancy belly appeared to start with a tweet from @pant_leg. From there, there was no stopping it.

People quickly took it as an opportunity to employ harsh humor about their own origins.

The meme morphed again, from jokes about self worth tself-worthkes about celebrities.

And this priceless Lady Gaga pun, which offered just a “star” in the womb. (A star is born! Get it?)


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Nahila Bonfiglio

Nahila Bonfiglio

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