Popeyes chicken backlash

Lynee' Monae/YouTube

Popeyes blasted for employee welfare amid chicken sandwich war

The New Orleans-born company has faced resentment, and memes, from the perceived treatment of its employees.


Kahron Spearman

Internet Culture

The backlash has come back around to Popeyes.

Following the overwhelming success of its new chicken sandwich, the New Orleans-born company has faced resentment from the perceived treatment of its employees. A short, harrowing video of an employee, sitting doubled over in exhaustion outside a store has made the rounds in memes and across social media.

Once the video hit, some realities for service workers and the state of the American economy came to the fore.

“They’ve been on their feet all day. Have to deal with non-stop orders,” user @RVAReid tweeted.



Many have recommended Popeyes provide additional bonuses or raises for the employees who worked during the chicken sandwich rollout.


Some also accused Popeyes of not being prepared for the demand.

In perhaps-related news, an employee at a Gainesville, Florida-area Popeyes was hospitalized Tuesday after apparently falling onto a greasy floor.

Even with all of this, there have been some entertaining takes on the Popeyes explosion, putting the employees in a contrasting, hilarious light.


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