Awful boyfriend learns a gross, important lesson about karma

War stories about shitty exes are sometimes the only things we can take away from a terrible relationship. I’ve had plenty of partners who seemed like a bad idea at the time and continued on that trajectory until the whole thing crumbled. But some of my biggest foibles in dating made for the best stories; the type of tales that restore your faith in the playfulness of the universe and make you so grateful you’re out of that.

Writer Sarah Gailey unleashed perhaps the best possible such story on Twitter on Wednesday. It starts out innocuous enough then soon gets cringe-worthy.

As dude begins acting more and more like a toddler, the device reveals itself to be none other than a callous-grooming PedEgg, aka not something you want right in front of your face.

It’s a good device! And, for the money-minded, it certainly beats the heck out of expensive trips to the salon for a pricy pedicure. But, there’s one important thing that comes with PedEgg ownership: PedEgg maintenance.

You can only imagine what happens next, which Gailey illustrates in glorious detail.

And the lesson here? Listen to your girlfriend. Or, heck, give anyone the respect they deserve.

Gailey, who admitted she dated the dude far longer than was reasonable, is far away from that relationship. Nevertheless, she took the tale of the PedEggsplosion and has lovingly shared it with us, foot shavings and all.

April Siese

April Siese

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