Paula White-Cain with her face turned to the left and her fist raised in the air. She has a blonde bob and is wearing a purple off the shoulder top.

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Trump’s spiritual adviser’s prayer service is now a meme

Paula White-Cain is, unexpectedly a new internet fave.

Nov 6, 2020, 2:20 pm*

Internet Culture


Siobhan Ball

Paula White-Cain, a spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump and pastor of a megachurch, held a live prayer service on election night in an attempt to secure divine intervention to keep him in the White House.

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The service, which was streamed via Facebook Live, featured White-Cain chanting about angels coming from South America and Africa to the United States to help Trump win the election, before following that up by speaking in tongues.

It's unclear whether she was summoning the angels herself or merely claiming knowledge of God's will on the matter.

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Cain-White's sermon was swiftly memed across Twitter this week, where anyone with an editing program and a moment of free time has remixed the now-iconic clip in a variety of ways.

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The most popular so far seems to be the one where White-Cain's words are layered over the backing track from Eminem's "Without Me," with an adorable head-bopping vibing white cat added to the foreground just to give us all something nice to look at.

It's even been subject to TikTok-style duets already.
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But there are plenty of others, including one featuring White-Cain hitting Trump with a squeaky hammer.
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Including a full-length clip by DJ Suede the Remix God, who mixed up White-Cain's rant with various anti-Trump clips and classic pop culture moments, creating something a lot of Twitterites thought was legitimately good in its own right.
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Every cloud a silver lining.

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*First Published: Nov 6, 2020, 1:44 pm