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If you thought Overly Attached Girlfriend was creepy before, wait until she reads Taylor Swift lyrics.

Let’s face it: Taylor Swift is nothing if not an Overly Attached Girlfriend. So it’s only fitting that Laina Morris reenacted the pop singer’s lyrics in her Internet famous persona.

Morris has made a habit of mocking gender roles and the things girls will do in the service of love, starting with her parody of Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend,” in which she “auditioned” for the part of Bieber’s next sweetheart by insisting, “I will be your girlfriend” while staring insistently at the camera. She followed it up with more song parodies, including another look at fangirl obsession and snapchat mania.

Her newest video may be her most brilliant yet. After all, Taylor Swift lyrics were born to be quoted in a breathy, needy voice by someone who truly believes every word. Especially creepy are the lyrics to “You Belong With Me,” which start to sound less like a high school fantasy and more like that creep in the van parked outside your bedroom window.

Screengrab via YouTube

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