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The One Finger Selfie challenge dares you to censor your naked body

This might be NSFW—if you’re doing it wrong.


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

There’s been a flurry of challenges sweeping across the internet over the past few weeks, each more ridiculous than the last (see: the Mannequin Challenge, #FightingAirChallenge. #TrumpsComing, the Backpack Challenge). The latest craze comes from an unlikely source, and it’s the most provocative (and potentially NSFW) effort to date.

The One Finger Selfie challenge dares women to take a photo that censors both their nipples and crotch using only a single digit. It looks like this:

The challenge was spurred by an illustration from Sky-FreeDom, a Japanese anime artist whose work is popular on the fan art site Pixiv and a little more risqué than most.

The image is an optical illusion of sorts, one that requires a mirror to pull off. Most people seem to have no problem figuring it out.

The One Finger Selfie challenge is just starting to make its way stateside, thanks in part to YouTuber Aimee Davison, who filmed her attempt in a helpful tutorial.

To be fair, this challenge isn’t exclusively for women. Some dudes have gotten in on the action, too.

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