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Oh, you like internet jokes? Here’s a new meme

'Oh you're a feminist? Name every woman.'


Libby Cohen

Internet Culture

Posted on Oct 24, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 12:40 am CDT

You know that feeling of invalidation you get when you’re interrogated for having an interest? It goes something like this: “Oh, you’re a football team fan? Name the coach’s daughter’s favorite song.” (Female sports fans know this feeling all too well.)

Mashable calls these interrogators “pop culture gatekeepers.” They are the type of person to call someone out for liking a song but not knowing every lyric to the artist’s first album, or for liking a movie but not having deep knowledge of its lore.

But people on Twitter are sick of the invalidation, so they’re channeling their feelings into a cheeky meme. The formula is simple: “Oh, you like [X]? Name [everything about X].”

The more ridiculous, the better.

“Oh you’re a feminist?”@AlexisGZall quipped in a tweet with 202,000 likes. “Name every woman.”

“Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X chimed in with a joke.

“oh you like amnesia? name… oh you like amnesia?” he tweeted.

“Oh, you like” memes include everything from geography questions to straight-up disses.

Every fan of The Office has at some point participated in a conversation where one person tries to out-fan the other. The “Oh, you like” meme accounts for that struggle, too.

“Oh you like #TheOffice?” @theofficenbc official tweeted. “Name every scent in the Serenity by Jan collection.”


Gatekeepers will keep gatekeepin’. At least the rest of us can enjoy the meme.



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*First Published: Oct 24, 2019, 3:16 pm CDT