Nazi Karen


Video shows ‘Nazi Karen’ shouting racist slurs, flashing swastika tattoo

'White lives matter. N*****s don’t matter.'


Bryan Rolli

Internet Culture

Posted on Oct 8, 2020

Just when you thought racist, self-obsessed Karens couldn’t get any more insufferable, a new contender staggered onto the stage to snatch the crown. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing: Nazi Karen.

A video recently uploaded to the r/FuckYouKaren subreddit shows a woman dubbed “Nazi Karen” who is easily in the running for the worst Karen of all time. Donning a “Straight Outta Valhalla” shirt and ripped jeans that expose more of her legs than they cover, Nazi Karen spews pure, unadulterated vitriol toward the man filming the altercation.

“White lives matter. N*****s don’t matter,” she shouts as she stumbles toward the camera. “Y’all’s skulls are thicker, you carry babies different, y’all are not us.”

If the video ended there, it would already be one of the most excruciating pieces of footage to hit the internet in a long time. Unfortunately, it goes even further downhill. 

“Who matters? White power matters, you said?” the man filming the video asks. Then Karen goes for the coup de grâce, lowering the waistband of her jeans to reveal her swastika tattoo. 

Nazi Karen gets into the passenger seat of a car and prepares to leave. If she had mercifully stopped talking, she could have probably continued living a life of anonymity as a white supremacist Nazi for at least a few days. But this Karen apparently has a self-destructive streak as well, and she doxxes herself on camera. 

“I’m racist,” Karen tells the cameraman from the passenger seat. “My name’s Angelica Rose Brecker, and I hate n*****s.”

Nazi Karen made it incredibly easy for internet sleuths to find her on social media, and find her they did. Strangers flooded Karen’s recent Facebook posts with hundreds of comments, sharing Black Lives Matter graphics and calling her a “crack witch” and “Xanax eating junkie.”

A cursory glance at Nazi Karen’s Facebook reveals her racist outburst was not a one-off, either. On Sept. 15, she shared a photo of herself holding a black cat with the caption, “I look fat but me and my black daughter black lives matter shes 5 and hood as hell she  think shes grown ps i don’t do black lives matter bullshit this is sarcasim [sic].”

Commenters had a field day, with one Facebook user imploring Karen to “post your swastika tat sisss so i can properly beat that ass.” Other users dug up another one of Nazi Karen’s cat-related posts from 2014 that, honestly, speaks for itself: “Idk if this is wrong? However my cats pawl [sic] feels good when he or she puts it on my naket [sic] ass… its so soft!”

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*First Published: Oct 8, 2020, 10:31 am CDT