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National Park Foundation roasted over Philly ‘cheese sandwich’ tweet

This is downright offensive.


Stacey Ritzen

Internet Culture

Oh, Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The beloved birthplace of our nation is known for many things: the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin, Independence Hall, Rocky Balboa, soft pretzels, and the 2018 Super Bowl championships (dusts off shoulders). And of course, Philly is perhaps best known for its famous cheese… sandwiches?

That’s according to the official Twitter account for the National Park Foundation, anyway:

What in the what?

Obviously, Philadelphia is known for its cheesesteaks—which we don’t call a “sandwich” either. Much like a hot dog (if you’re a rational person), a cheesesteak is a thing on its own.

So what happened here? Did an intern get a hold of the social media account? Was this a massive troll job or the second coming of “tea lizard”?

Not at all surprisingly, Twitter—Philly Twitter, in particular—had some thoughts.

Of course, there were the obligatory It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references:

As well as a few of references to one of Philly’s lesser known celebrities, the Swiss Cheese Pervert:

There’s a reason why Philly has the reputation it does as the scrappy underdog with an ever-present chip on its shoulder. You can be forgiven this time, National Parks. But do us like this again, and next time we’ll be coming with batteries.

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