There’s a lot you can say during sex and also while at Disney World 

Apparently there’s a lot of things you can say that will make sense both during sex and while being held hostage, at a football game, or any other unrelated activity, really.

There’s a Twitter meme that follows the format, “Name something you can say during sex and also while [unrelated activity].” And just like sex, it takes two or more people to play.

A Twitter user will pick some sort of activity and slap two photos next two one another, one of which is a stock photo of a man whispering into a smiling woman’s ear.

And then it’s up to fellow Twitter users to respond with their best one-liners that they can say during both activities.

For example, one user wrote, “Didn’t perform well but at least we’re gaining more experience” in response to someone who wrote, “Name something you can say during a Giants game and sex.”

The responses can be pretty savage.

One person wrote, “Why am I even here? This is terrible. What I got at home is better anyways” in response to another who wrote, “What’s something you say in a Starbucks and that you can also say during sex?”

According to Know Your Meme, the meme was created in 2017. Twitter user @DanielleMuscat wrote, “Tell me a sentence you could say that would work both 1. during sex 2. at a family dinner.”

In the newest iteration of the meme, the format is a bit different, and you’ll likely see some modern takes, including incorporating our sweet Baby Yoda.

“I hope this doesn’t get overshadowed by a baby someday,” journalist David Itzkoff wrote in response to someone who asked Twitter users to “name something you can say during Star Wars and sex.”


Other more lonely and single users created their own iteration of the meme.

“Name something you can say during a football game that you can also say while being single and lonely,” Twitter user @LlamaInaTux wrote.


Another user seems fed up with seeing the meme on Twitter.

“Name something you can say during sex and while running a meme format into the ground. Do not reply to this, I’ve already muted the replies,” @pixelatedboat wrote.


Siobhan Ball

Siobhan Ball

Siobhan Ball is a historian, archivist, and journalist. She also writes for Autostraddle and