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This meme makes it clear that you and your crush’s ex are NOT the same

‘You’re in his DM’s, but we emotionally traumatized each other. We are not the same.’


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The holidays are upon us, which means cuffing season has officially arrived. Thus, lonely Twitter users around the globe are sliding into DM’s left and right—they’re trying to find that special someone who can cuddle the cold away. However, old flames are stepping forward with the ‘not the same meme’ to shut down all the flirting.

It all started with exes jokingly tweeting about the not-so-healthy behaviors your crush is probably exhibiting without your knowledge. So, before you start thinking you’re special for chatting over Twitter, take a look at the symptoms of REAL emotional ties.

You and their ex are ‘not the same’

Of course, for every bona fide ex, there’s always someone who wasn’t quite as successful with romancing your crush. Cue the self-deprecating ‘not the same’ memes.

Then, all the pop culture references came rolling in—movies, books, video games, you name it. Even the iconic SparkNotes Twitter account joined in on the fun.

Rip to this meme, but we’re different

Simultaneously, Twitter and Tumblr users started comparing themselves to pop culture figures in a similar meme. ‘Rip to ___, but I’m different’ is the perfect way to call out fictional characters for their poor decision making. Stories ranging from Star Trek to Shakespeare to Greek myths were not immune to the good-natured criticism.

Memes do NOT stay the same

Meanwhile, the ‘you’re in their DM’s’ meme started really taking off. As a result, it evolved wildly out of control. Twitter users started making more exaggerated—and unrelated—variations of it.

Oh, you aren’t casting demonic hexes on your crush? We are NOT the same.

Fortunately for everyone, there’s always at least one uplifting iteration of any cynical meme. Here’s a wholesome tweet to ease the pain of knowing you and your crush’s previous partner are not the same.


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