Horde of mongooses storm European golf event

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mongooses on golf course

Screengrab via European Tour/Twitter


The world is still turning, folks. Though Donald Trump is now president-elect and the Cubs won the World Series, we’re all still here. A giant meteor has yet to make its presence known, demolish the Electoral College, and take us out of our misery. Instead, we have golf to distract us.

The masses have tuned into the Nedbank Golf Challenge, a European PGA event featuring the likes of international superstars and renegade up-and-comers. Oh, and the mongooses have stormed the field.

You see, the majestic feliformia loosely related to cats has a deep love and appreciation of golf. These little guys weren’t trying to fuck up a game. They were just trying to meet their golfing idols and got a little excited. As you do.

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