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Twitter is losing it after realizing Melania’s dad looks like Trump

Well this is awkward.


Ana Valens

Internet Culture

In a bizarre turn of events, Twitter has turned its attention to the other septuagenarian in First Lady Melania Trump’s life: her father. A photo of her parents reveals that Melania’s father looks suspiciously similar to her husband, President Donald Trump—and the internet finds the similarities troubling.

Twitter users began connecting the dots after Gizmodo writer Matt Novak posted a photo of Melania’s father, Viktor Knavs. Standing with Melania’s mother, the First Lady’s father looks eerily similar in size and stature to President Trump, down to his haircut, facial features, and long red necktie.

Twitter quickly took note and began posting comparison photos between President Trump and Knavs.

The similarities are hard to unsee: In some photos, Knavs looks almost identical to the president. One poster even pointed out that Trump and Knavs are close in age. Knavs is 73, and Trump turns 71 this week.

Not content with the extent of the similarities shared between the two men, one user employed a little Photoshop magic to give Knavs and Trump the same small hands.

Uncanny resemblance aside, some suggested their personalities must be different: at least Knavs has manners.

The First Lady’s relationship with Trump is a complicated one, with several signs suggesting that the two are in a troubled marriage. On Mother’s Day, Trump spent the holiday away from his wife, instead choosing to play golf. The First Lady also slapped away the president’s hand during his trip abroad, which could suggest significant tension.

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