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‘Masters of the Universe’ is getting an epic reboot

For over 30 years He-Man has inspired kids, and now he’s returning to the big screen.


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Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line has inspired children of all ages to imagine they have the power of Greyskull in their swords for over 30 years. Originally birthed as a line of popular action figures, He-man exploded over the years. Comic books, a cartoon series, video games, spin-offs, heck, even a live stage show.

In 1987, Dolph Lundgren starred in the first live-action movie version of the series. The movie bombed in the box office, but has developed a loyal following over the years. But it’s a new millennium, and every ’80s property must be turned into a new movie—even He-man. Here’s everything we know so far about Masters of the Universe.   

Masters of the Universe movie news

Masters of the Universe has been in development on and off since 2004, so details have changed over the years. Originally, John Woo was set to direct Masters in 2007, but the film never made it past development. Sony bought the rights in 2009 from Warner Brothers and have since gone through a “who’s who” of Hollywood trying to bring the story to life. Possible directors who have been considered unsuccessfully include Rian Johnson (Looper), Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie), McG (Charlie’s Angels), and David S. Goyer (Blade: Trinity).

It looked like Goyer was going to direct the film in 2017, but he left the directors’ chair in February 2018. He will stay on the film as an executive producer and screenwriter. So while it may not have a director, at least it’s working its way towards a script.  


Masters of the Universe plot

Currently, we don’t know much about the plot of Masters of the Universe. The original series followed Prince Adam, the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena of Eternia. Prince Adam is secretly He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe and wielder of the Power of Grayskull. Set in a fantasy world where high-technology and magic live side by side, He-Man battles the evil wizard Skeletor, joined by a cast of absurd mutants across the spectrum of good and evil.

The problem is, no one really knows yet what Goyer’s script will be like. Our only clue came in the form of an Instagram leak by Goyer himself. In late January 2018, Goyer made an Instagram post showcasing the art of Carlos Haunt. Haunt is working on Masters of the Universe, and the image was tagged “Teela Battle Suit.” Teela is one of He-Man’s friends and fellow warriors, in addition to being the most prominent female character in the series.

Fans expecting a high fantasy take on the material might want to temper their expectations if this high tech suit is any indication. Closer to the lifter from Aliens than the over the top colors of Masters of the Universe, Teela’s Battle Suit hints as much darker take on the material. However, until something official comes out this is pure speculation.

Masters of the Universe cast

Currently, no casting decisions have been made regarding Masters of the Universe. During the course of development, Dolph Lundgren was in talks to play King Randor and Kellan Luntz tweeted that he was up for the role. Outside of those two instances, however, there is nothing to report. If Masters of the Universe is going to make its 2019 release date it better get casting.  


Masters of the Universe trailer

Filming has not begun on Masters of the Universe, so we’re still waiting on a trailer. However, there is a wonderful fan film to hold you over while you wait.

Masters of the Universe release date

Despite the filming delay, Masters of the Universe has a projected release date of Dec.18, 2019. It will share its opening weekend, at the moment, with Star Wars: Episode IX and the film adaptation of the musical Wicked.

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