Disney confirms Pixar’s connected universe theory is true—and it’ll blow your mind

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Remember that crazy fan theory that suggested all of the Pixar animated movies were connected?

It’s not so crazy after all.

The official Toy Story Facebook page has released a video showing us all of the hidden Easter eggs that connect our favorite Pixar movies.


Pixar takes us through all 17 of its animated masterpieces, showing us the tiny elements that connect the worlds. The pink teddy bear character from Toy Story 3 shows up tucked in the corner of a girl’s room in Up. One of the cars from Cars is deftly hidden along a street in The Incredibles. Some of the films even have more than one connection to other movies in the Pixar family.

The animation company takes such great care with its films, it’s easy to believe that the creators carefully them stitched together into a shared universe. That being said, seeing all of the connections lined up together is still pretty mind-blowing.

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Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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