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Man sneezes into trombone during concert

This song was either ruined or an avant-garde masterpiece.


Miles Klee

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YouTube always has the goods when it comes to brass-instrument disasters, and the latest entry in that genre is no exception. You might even say we were blown away. 

Here, during a solemn performance of William Himes’ “Procession to Covenant” by the Salvation Army’s London Central Fellowship Band at a church in the English village of Tiptree, one trombonist has the misfortune to sneeze directly into his instrument, producing a singular noise.

For completists, the entire performance:

Props to everyone—from conductor Julian Bright to his ensemble to the audience—for keeping their composure. And while it seems an avoidable flub, you have to consider the sneezer’s options in this context: do you spray snot on your sheet music, your tuxedo pants, or the guy sitting next to you? Or straight up into the air?

By the time you’ve figured it out, it’s already too late: your head cold belongs to history.

H/T Reddit | Photo by mitch huang/Flickr

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