Everyone’s favorite Trump–Russia conspiracy theorist just fired her lawyer on Twitter

If you don’t follow Louise Mensch on Twitter, you are missing out.


Mensch is Twitter’s most frenetic user, and last night, she publicly dumped her lawyer online.

The former British member of Parliament has established herself as the leading online investigative arm of the Trump–Russia conspiracy theory. Virtually no rumor that passes through her ears is too absurd or implausible—forget even “based in truth” or “with merit” (we’re well beyond that)—to share with her hundreds of thousands of followers as indisputable fact.

This is a woman who once went on a tweetstorm declaring that her sources told her the death penalty was on the table for President Donald Trump for committing acts of treason, and that Steve Bannon had essentially already been sentenced to die.

And she was just like “Yeah, you heard it here first.”

Mensch’s beef with her attorney starts with Evan McMullin, a former CIA officer and an ineffective third-party foil to Hillary Clinton and Trump in 2016, tweeting about the news that Facebook sold ads to a Russian troll farm during the election.

Mensch’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, disagreed with that sentiment, saying the propaganda effort echoes efforts the United States has undertaken elsewhere.

McMullin said that response was what Russia wanted people to say.

Zaid objected.

He even called McMullin pathetic.

This was too much for Mensch.

To which Zaid said, good day, sir.

All in all a perfectly normal day online in the life of Louise Mensch.

David Covucci

David Covucci

David Covucci is the Layer 8 editor at the Daily Dot, covering the intersection of politics and the web. His work has appeared in Vice, the Huffington Post, Jezebel, Gothamist, and other publications. He is particularly interested in hearing any tips you have. Reach out at [email protected]