People share stories about times they’ve laughed at funerals

Laughter at a funeral is more common than you think.


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

We’ve all had those moments in inappropriate situations where something just hits you as funny and you can’t stop laughing. Of all the places where it can happen, a funeral is probably the worst, but thanks to a Twitter thread started by comedian Andy Richter, we can see that it apparently happens there a lot.

“Was just reminded of something,” he wrote on Sunday. “You ever been part of a poorly-stifled group giggle for at a funeral? That happened when we noticed the family plot next to where we were burying my grandma, which was a combo of two families. The big headstone said Goode-Eaton.”

Funeral comedy seems to come in several different categories. We have the unintentionally funny, where something about the setting or the other mourners set people off.

And the mourner who thinks they’re hilarious (and to be fair, some of them clearly are).

Even when it’s not on purpose and actually quite sweet.

Sometimes it’s the deceased who is the comedian, in which case laughter is probably appropriate.

Or the sad yet adorable confusion of little kids who don’t quite grasp the concept of death yet.

Then there are the funerals where no one really misses the departed. Convention requires the priest to say nice things about the deceased, and sometimes those things are so far from the truth people start wondering if they’re even at the right funeral.

Sometimes even the priest can’t find anything nice to say, which is hilarious in its own right.

Honestly, funerals are tough, and anything that breaks the tension is likely to seem much funnier than it normally would. So, while it seems disrespectful, try to cut laughing mourners some slack.


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