photo of a dirty sink and tampons (l) photo of woman putting up a post-it to go buy hemorrhoid cream (m) (r) photo of a note that says the apartment has a roach infestation

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‘If you can’t get them in legal court, get them by being petty!’: Landlord gives tours of TikToker’s apartment without permission—so TikToker outsmarts them

‘Leaving some surprises in the bathroom.’


Clara Wang

Internet Culture

A TikToker discovered her landlord was giving tours of her apartment without permission, so she struck back.

TikTok user Taylor’s (@trashy_taylor) viral video shows her “preparing” her apartment by leaving embarrassing notes, letting prospective tenants know the apartment has a pest control problem and that the current tenant, herself, casts witchy spells. Captioned “does anyone have any other suggestions??,” the 28-second video got over 217,400 views and 24,900 likes since being posted on Monday.

The video starts with a screenshot of her apartment manager texting her they may “stop by” because “we had a guy ask for a quick showing of your place.” According to the screenshot, their “creepy apartment management always gives tours of our apartment without our permission.”

A series of text overlays narrates her retaliation as Taylor sets her apartment up for an impromptu viewing.

First, she prints out a letter to management asking them to spray for pests and leaves an insect killer kit out.

Second, she leaves tampons, a diva cup, and a note for hemorrhoid cream in the bathroom.

Last, she types up a “revenge spell” for potential renters to find on the counter. The “revenge spell” includes ingredients such as “Water collected during the waning moon” and “Fresh mint to banish negative energy.”

Landlords are reportedly legally allowed to show tenants’ apartments to prospective residents if they give “reasonable notice.” What “reasonable notice means” varies from state to state, with most defining it as 24-48 hours in advance.

Many of the 184 comments gave suggestions on how else to prank her landlord so that they stop touring her apartment.

“I would next do a Jeffery Dahmer-esque altar of him,” @biancaaaaarod94 suggested.

“Adult toys. I have a feeling that’ll do it,” @ceoofbadbios said.

“Make all of the door handles sticky,” @catinism commented.

Viewers also lauded the TikToker. “Remember kids, if you can’t get them in legal court, get them by being petty! Good for you I love it,” one wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @trashy_taylor for comment.

Editor’s note: Due to a technical error, our original message to this TikToker may not have been delivered.

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