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The ‘keep your movie’ meme explains why you’re not a multi-millionaire

‘You’re missing out on being a multi-millionaire.’


Gabrielle Sorto

Internet Culture

Do you waste your time watching TV or movies? That’s why you’re not a multi-millionaire, according to a new meme circulating on Twitter.

The meme started with a tweet from Mr. Plenty, whose real name is Andrew Tate, and who you may recognize from his short stint on the British Big Brother. Tate tweeted last week that he has never seen a Star Wars movies and that everyone else can “keep it.” According to Tate, not spending time watching the films has made him a multi-millionaire.

“Never seen Star Wars. None of them. Never will,” Tate tweeted along with a photo of him standing next to—what else?—a Bentley. “‘Omg you’re missing out.’ Maybe. You’re missing out on being a multi-millionaire. Keep your movie.”

The tweet quickly reached meme status, with people posing next to cars while declaring what movies or TV shows they’ve never seen. Some of the cars are real and others are clearly Photoshopped, which plays into the ridiculousness of this meme.

Since the premiere of Game of Thrones was this week, the show was a popular target for the meme.

Something tells me the time I spend watching Game of Thrones isn’t the reason I’m not a multi-millionaire. I guess I can find out … once the series finale airs.


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