John Legend brings the ‘Arthur’ meme to life in Google Duo Ad


John Legend made the Arthur meme a reality—and it’s great.


The Arthur meme may have gone viral in 2016, but John Legend is proving it still has juice. A new Google Duo ad shows that Legend is a dead ringer for the ’90s PBS cartoon character, according to Twitter and his own wife.

Google Duo, a mobile-only video chat app, teamed up with Legend and Chrissy Teigen for an ad where the singer calls his wife asking for advice on outfit ideas.

“I need some help, I’m trying to pick out an outfit,” Legend tells his wife over Google Duo as she lays on their bed.

Legend cycles through a few more outfits before being told by Teigen to “come back with something strong, please.”

The final outfit, a pair of blue pants and a yellow sweater vest, causes Teigen to scream “Arthur!” and laugh maniacally at the resemblance of Legend to the cartoon character with minimal hair and a studious expression. The ending of the video shows a close-up of Legend clenching fist, a salute to the meme that went viral two years ago.

It’s been a running joke that Legend had looked like Arthur ever since 2017—and Teigen started it.

Originally, John was quizzical about the Arthur character while the internet was all too eager to join in on Teigen’s fun.

Legend is 39-years-old while Teigen is 32. He probably didn’t grow up watching Arthur, but Legend certainly knows the cartoon now. Now we just need him to cover the PBS show’s iconic theme song.

Grace Speas

Grace Speas

Grace Speas is a news reporter, covering streaming entertainment, internet culture, and viral politics.