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Far-right troll Jacob Wohl caught pretending to travel the world for the ‘gram

A fence gave the faux jetsetter away.


Tiffanie Drayton

Internet Culture

Jacob Wohl–the far-right troll best known for spreading fake news, his outlandish conspiracy theories, and attacking Democratic politicians–is being called out on Twitter for pretending to travel the world. And it was a fence that gave the faux jetsetter away.

Wohl posted two separate photos of himself on Instagram, which were supposedly taken in two different countries–one in Minsk, Belarus, and the other in Tel Aviv, Israel. Yet, Nikki Mccann Ramírez pointed out an odd similarity between the two photos: Both feature the same exact, very unique fence.

“Jacob Wohl’s latest grift? Pretending to travel the world but forgetting to pose in front of a different fence,” Ramírez wrote, including Wohl’s photos as evidence.

In response to the call out, Wohl promptly made his account private (he has since made it public, again). But the eruption of memes and jokes at his expense had already begun to circulate.

“These are all real too,” Twitter user @HoodlumRIP wrote, along with memes of Wohl inserted into highly edited, different locations–one of which is most likely Hell.

“Where’s Wohldo?” Ramírez quipped.


Others began to make their own memes, featuring Wohl on the Wizard of Oz’s yellow brick road to a dirty toilet, among other notable locations.







Christopher Buchanan pointed out that the fence looks eerily similar to one featured in another one of Wohl’s post, where he was supposedly in Washington, D.C.

“Pretty sure that’s the same fence as in his Washington, D.C. IG photo,” Buchanan wrote.

Wohl is no stranger to getting caught in lies and fraudulent activity. Though only 21 years old, he has already been sanctioned by the Arizona Corporation Commission for defrauding investors out of tens of thousands of dollars. Wohl has also been investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is possibly the subject of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigation after he was linked to a GOP scheme to pay women to fabricate sexual assault accusations against Robert Mueller in 2018.

“Jacob Wohl has been involved in numerous fraudulent activities,” @HoodlumRIP–who kicked off the meme–told the Daily Dot via Twitter DM. “From setting up Robert Mueller to multiple Twitter accounts to amplify his message, to the fact that he still owes tens of thousands to investors that he’s scammed.”

The user explained that he shared the doctored photos as a form of satire to point out Wohl’s “ridiculousness.”

Many are simply tired of Wohl’s antics and used the gate snafu as a moment to express their frustration. They also came up with their own conspiracy theories surrounding “fencegate.”

“Jacob Wohl, Charlie Kirk, and Bill Mitchell are in an eternal battle to be the stupidest person on the internet. Wohl is making a strong play for the title with this move though,” Twitter user  @pcrritesgood wrote.


On July 23, Wohl was suspended from Twitter after the Daily Dot published a story on @WohlPolitics. “Twitter needs to let Jacob back on just so we can dunk on him. He is comedy gold,” Twitter user @DiketonMiss wrote.


One commenter drummed up a more heartfelt explanation for fence’s omnipresence.

“Maybe he travels the world, WITH his favorite fence?” they wrote. “What if that fence has separation anxiety. What if his heart is just SO big, that he can’t bear to leave it back home. You people hate fences. Sad.”

It’s possible the fake travel scheme was simply an embarrassingly bad ploy to throw off the FBI.

“Is he tagging himself in different countries to try to throw off the FBI without actually leaving the country?” a user questioned.

Wherever in the world Wohl is, he doesn’t seem to be taking being outed as a liar on social media very seriously.

“It’s been a long day installing fences,” he wrote on Instagram, along with a picture of himself holding a cigar.


The Daily Dot reached out to Jacob Wohl for comment.


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