Wendys Hardees Twitter beef

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Wendy’s scorches Hardee’s to a crisp as they beef on Twitter

What a delicious burn.


Josh Katzowitz

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Fresh off its Twitter demand that a dude get 18 million retweets in order to score free chicken nuggets for a year, Wendy’s, the funniest social media account in all of fast food, has been dragged into an online beef with Hardee’s.

And Hardee’s learned the hard way what McDonald’s already did: Don’t ever mess with Wendy’s on Twitter, because you’re probably going to get broiled.

Not that this was necessarily Hardee’s fault. Aside from pilfering the idea of a 4-for-4 menu choice (four items for $4), which Wendy’s introduced first, Hardee’s was just minding its Twitter business earlier this week when somebody @ mentioned Wendy’s for a fresh-never-frozen take.

It’s kind of weak that Hardee’s blocked Wendy’s for such a delicious burn, particularly since Hardee’s escalated the issue by talking a little bit of trash. But hey, there’s a reason Wendy’s is the fast-food social media champ. Wendy’s takes the insult and comes back harder and stronger.

We’ll reiterate, in case any other fast-food chains were thinking of stepping into the ring: The lesson here is not to fuck around with Wendy’s. Either it’ll blast you for forgetting about the existence of refrigerators, or it’ll scorch your fresh beef claim. Burger King and Jack in the Box, it’s officially time to watch your back.

Oh, and Alan Bean was the fourth man to walk on the moon.

(I had to Google it.)

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