Girlfriend totally wins the award for best Pokémon nicknames

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Screengrab via Pokémon GO/YouTube

Tentacool’s new moniker is a perfect ending.

We’ve seen some amazingly funny nicknames for Pokémon out there—shout out to the brutally honest 2-year-old who dared to call Jigglypuff “A PIG!” and the legions of players spelling out bizarre messages. But nothing compares to these genius monikers.

Tumblr user goingtrickster let their girlfriend—who has, they said, minimal knowledge of pocket monsters—take a crack at renaming them. And damn, they are so smart. Goingtrickster posted a screenshot of some of the best nicknames to their blog.



Here are just some stray observations:

  • Gloom as S A D B O I makes so much sense that it hurts.
  • The progress of sipp to S U C C is evolution at its finest.
  • There needs to be a Marowak contouring YouTube tutorial.
  • Jolyne’s mum getting Starmie is a true honor to whoever Jolyne’s mum is.
  • This Guy Fieri is more approachable than the actual Guy Fieri.
  • Once you realize that Dratini indeed looks like Drake, you’ll never be able to unsee it. 
  • Tentacool as “Hentai” is the perfect ending. Fin

We got 24 new Pokémon nicknames. Can’t wait for the other 127.

Update 12:45pm CT, Aug. 6: Goingtrickster reached out to the Daily Dot with a link to their girlfriend’s Tumblr, which you can check out right here. The budding Pokémon master adds, “just thought I should let you know, as she is the true mastermind, after all.”

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