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‘I swear customer service needs to be one of the highest-paid jobs’: Call center worker shares ‘customer interaction’ that allegedly got him fired from Geico

‘Man, I’ll cancel your whole policy.’


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Sometimes being in customer service can make even the most patient person want to snap. 

And that’s what TikToker Earrien Freeman (@therealearrien) showed in his latest video, where he reenacts a situation that he alleged led to him getting fired from a call center job with Geico. 

In the video, the “customer” on the other line asks for a tow truck because their car stopped working. Freeman asks what vehicle the person is in after tracking down their policy, which prompts the customer to become frustrated. Freeman then asks for their location. 

“Y’all can’t track me down? I ain’t got time to give you all that damn information,” the customer yells. 

“I’m sorry, sir. I have to have all this information, so I can send someone to assist you,” Freeman replies as the customer continues to express their frustration. “Hey you talking real crazy for someone that got all their information right in front of me. I’m just saying, you don’t even know me. I got your address and everything, fam. … You don’t even know nothing about me. I could come spray your shit up. This ain’t none of that. Pipe down fam; calm down fam; I’m trying to help you.” 

“I’m sorry I’m just frustrated,” the customer responds quietly. 

@therealearrien The reason why I got fired from the call center job😭 #earrien #callcenter #life #job #fired ♬ original sound – Earrien Freeman

According to a report from the artificial intelligence company ASAPP, about 81% of call center workers say they deal with some level of verbal abuse by customers. Nearly 80% of call center workers think companies should have policies in place that allows them to terminate a call with aggressive customers. 

It’s unclear if Freeman was actually a Geico worker or if his video was simply a skit. However, commenters on Freeman’s video were quick to laugh at his humor-driven delivery and also share their experience working in the same line of work.

“I swear customer service needs to be one of the highest paid jobs!” one commenter said. 

“That’s me. Man, I’ll cancel [your] whole policy. Calm down. I’m [trying to] help YOU!!” another commenter said.

“Same job. Same department. This man is NOT LYING,” an additional commenter replied.

Update Sept. 26, 11:56am CT: Twenty-five-year-old Freeman told the Daily Dot he wanted to shine a light, through his video, “what it’s like dealing with the customers at a call center.” He also said his video serves as a public service announcement to “rude customers.”

“These customers talk rude to people that have all of their information…that’s just not smart,” he said. “I wanted people to know how a lot of customers feel like they are superior and their needs should be rushed and taken care of first, as if they are the only ones needing help in the world.”

Freeman said his personal experience working at a call center was “cool,” however, due to how well he got along with his co-workers.

“Having people to talk to on break is really helpful because that job will destroy your mental health. So being able to have a few good laughs with co workers will definitely help,” he said. “I like the pay. They definitely pay you well and you get plenty of raises. But you have to be strong mentally. God didn’t bless me with the patience and mental strength that some of my coworkers had.”

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