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How to untangle the family trees in ‘Game of Thrones’

Curious about the origins of the Targaryens or Martells? Check out these great guides.


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The countdown to Game of Thrones season 8 is getting real. But whether it’s a Game of Thrones family tree or the names of the dragons, there’s a lot to remember from the first seven seasons of nail-biting drama and action. With less than a month to go before the final season premieres, longtime fans and newcomers alike are trying to untangle the complex web of information.

One of the more complicated plot points in Game of Thrones—particularly with recent revelations involving Jon’s birth—is the tangled web of familial ties. Is Jon a Stark or a Targaryen? How many Game of Thrones families have been wiped out completely, and which ones are at risk? Never fear, confused masses, here’s our the best resources online for untangling the convoluted Game of Thrones family trees.

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Game of Thrones family tree resources

If you’re looking to learn more about Game of Thrones families or to see detailed Game of Thrones family trees, these sites are your best bet. (Note: You can click on each image in this article to see a full-size version of Game of Thrones family tree.)

1) History Behind Game of Thrones

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History Behind Game of Thrones


The often-tangled families in George R. R. Martin’s far-reaching fantasy are numerous. With all the intermarriage, death, and confusing incest, it can be hard to track family lines. Thankfully, History Behind Game of Thrones breaks down the history of the Targaryen, Baratheon, and Stark family lines, just to name a few. The interactive site links characters to the real-life events and individuals who inspired them, plus provides in-depth historical context.


2) HBO Viewers Guide

Game of Thrones family tree - HBO Viewers Guide

HBO’s Viewers Guide is a goldmine of Game of Thrones trivia. Background on most characters, an incredibly thorough map, and breakdowns of damn near every house in Westerosi history live on this streamlined site. It even digs into the free folk and the Night’s Watch. Each house gets a succinct breakdown, and clicking on an individual character summons a sidebar with more information. You’ll also find links back to any other house someone may be connected to, like Catelyn Stark and House Tully.



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An extremely detailed look at the history of the Targaryen lineage—which connects to essentially every other family tree at some point—can be found at The original poster was a redditor, u/elsiniestro, who dug through the lore established in A Song of Ice and Fire to create this masterpiece. The intricate map follows the canon of the book series, ending with A Dance With Dragons.

4) Sporkle

Game of Thrones family tree - sporkle
Game of Thrones/HBO

For a different approach to examining intricate Game of Thrones familial lines, has a Game of Thrones family tree quiz. While not as in-depth as many of the other sites on this list, Sporkle adds a sprinkle of competition to the equation. Test your Game of Thrones knowledge with this 10-question quiz (this writer got 100 percent, just saying) and share with friends. If the family tree quiz isn’t for you, never fear. There are dozens of others to choose from. For an extra challenge, you have to know how to spell character names. Was it Marcella, Myrcella, or Marcylla? Good luck.


5) Game of Thrones Wiki

Game of Thrones families - Game of Thrones Wiki

It may seem like an obvious option, but Wikipedia’s Game of Thrones page is a wellspring of information. Sure, it has templates for nearly every family tree ever mentioned in the series—even the direwolves—but that’s not even close to everything. This site also offers full character breakdowns along with quotes, relevant episodes, links back to the books, and photos. If you are looking for far more than just a breakdown of family trees, the Game of Thrones wiki should be your first stop.

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