Shattered South Park mugs (L, R) Alleged Fed Ex driver throwing package onto porch


‘Why is fedex so unnecessarily rough with packages?’: TikToker alleges FedEx courier threw her fragile package onto her porch

‘Bro threw the package like it was personal.’


Elizabeth Rose

Internet Culture

If you were wondering who killed Kenny, it may have been a rough FedEx courier.

TikTok creator Allison (@souplovesouplife) shared a peek inside of a package she received after she claimed a FedEx worker threw it onto her porch.

The package had South Park mugs inside, but despite being surrounded by bubble wrap, most of the dishes were cracked. Only one mug survived.

“My mugs after the FedEx guy threw them on my porch despite the four fragile stickers,” she wrote as a caption over the video, which has garnered over 4.9 million views.

@souplovesouplife #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #southpark #fedex #fedexdeliverygonewrong #youkilledkennyyoubastard @southpark ♬ I WANNA ROLL WITH HIM – Fanpage 💪🙁

“Mail delivery workers get to treat the mail however they want and they face no consequences for it,” one user commented on the video.

“Bro I use to work at fed ex NO ONE TOOK FRAGILE PACKAGES SERIOUSLY,” another person added.

Another wrote, “Why is fedex so unnecessarily rough with packages?”

To prove that FedEx was at fault, the creator showed a video they say is the package being delivered. The worker appears to walk toward the door and toss the package. It makes a loud sound when it lands.

@souplovesouplife Reply to @souplovesouplife ♬ original sound – allison

“Bro threw the package like it was personal,” @rznik wrote on the video.

“Also as a collector this pisses me off, what if what he broke was something that couldn’t be replaced,” another person adds. “I hope he gets fired.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @souplovesouplife via TikTok comment and FedEx by email.

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