The internet hates the FBI’s terrible ‘Happy Holidays’ graphic

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Photo via FBI/Twitter (Fair Use) Remix by Samantha Grasso

That graphic is a crime.

As the age-old adage goes, no shitty graphic shared on the internet ever goes unpunished.

On Saturday the FBI Twitter account tweeted an innocent, simple graphic of a pleasant snowman next to the message, “Happy holidays from our FBI family to yours.”

I imagine the tweet was meant to be a sweet season’s greeting between vitriolic tweets and negative headlines, a break from the bustle of shopping for presents and meal preparation.

And yes, the snowman-clad e-card did bring many a Twitter user great joy…

…To roast the joke of a graphic like chestnuts on an open fire, that is.

As Twitter awoke on Christmas Eve, eager elves set their sights on the FBI’s early gift to the internet and attacked with pleasure.

Yes, Twitter did its best to convey to the FBI just how embarrassingly horrid the sad-ass Frosty looks surrounded by those anemic, oblong snow flakes.

Sure, a few folks took issue with the agency’s use of “Happy Holidays” over “Merry Christmas.”

But let’s be honest, we all know what the real crime is here.

Twitter truly ran amok with the “graphic design is my passion” meme on this one, too, to the point of basically hammering the last nail into the coffin and lowering it straight into the goddamn ground.

love too graphic design

— justin █████ (@jusatk) December 24, 2016

Thanks for the good laugh, FBI Twitter. We know we’re gonna need it in 2017.

Samantha Grasso

Samantha Grasso

Samantha Grasso is a former IRL staff writer for the Daily Dot with a reporting emphasis on immigration. Her work has appeared on Los Angeles Magazine, Death And Taxes, Revelist, Texts From Last Night, Austin Monthly, and she has previously contributed to Texas Monthly.